We are looking for start-up and early-stage business investment opportunities


Sabra Invest is interested in entering business partnerships with promising technology oriented companies. We are interested in either new projects or building on existing and well functioning products or services. We are ready to invest not only capital but also our team's knowledge and experience.

We are flexible and open to discussing many different forms of partnerships in order to maximize returns for all parties involved. The projects we are interested in need to be more than just an idea. The projects need to have moved further and have an international vision and potential. We are looking for a comprehensive and illustrative business plan that describes the path from vision to entrepreneurial reality, with you as the person or team that are able and ready to lead the project to success.

We have access to the right resources, and we can provide the necessary constructive criticism and support. We carefully analyse critical success factors and assess the risks accompanied with them. Specifically we can contribute with raising capital, business strategy and operations. On the technology side we can contribute with core expertise including: software development, graphical design, programming, hosting, IT support, SEO, marketing and a lot more.

We operate globally and have extensive experience in transforming and introducing existing products into new geographical markets with clashing cultural settings. We take every proposal very seriously and expect no less from you. If you have something that you truly believe in feel free to contact us today.

A great idea is not enough on its own, successful projects require planning, hard work and dedication, while being flexible enough to face unexpected setbacks and capitalize on arising opportunities.

If you are a business with an innovative and unique idea, we want to hear from you

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